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Why choose an independent funeral celebrant?

By choosing an independent funeral celebrant you can have the funeral service you want, not one determined by dogma.

You will be able to say farewell in your own way. The ceremony could be completely non-religious, or have some spiritual or religious elements in the poems, readings, hymns or prayers you might choose. It can include candles, photographs and personal mementoes, if you wish. It will be as unique and individual as the person who has died. The ceremony will truly reflect the person they were and the important place they had - and will always have - in your life. It will reflect your wishes, beliefs and values completely, and be organised and conducted in the way you would like it to be. By weaving together the colourful strands of someone's life, sharing memories, feelings and stories, the ceremony becomes powerful, moving and memorable, bringing comfort and inspiration, and providing the opportunity for healing to begin.

I have 25 years' experience as a writer, 10 years' experience of speaking in public, and have been a bereavement counsellor with Cruse. I am available to conduct funeral ceremonies in Edinburgh and the Lothians and throughout the Kingdom of Fife.

independent funeral celebrant

"Green fuse funeral celebrants - There aren't many of them, yet. But they're really good."
Charles Cowling in The Good Funeral Guide.

About me

barbara millar I decided to train as an independent funeral celebrant after the deaths of my great-aunt and my cousin. By conducting the services myself I was able to make them personal, individual and meaningful, creating tributes which really reflected them and their lives, and helping to select music, poems and readings which meant something to family and friends. I realised then that I wanted to be able to offer this personal service this for other people and so undertook training with Totnes-based Green Fuse.

What I Offer

I will arrange a family home visit - which will last as long as it needs - at a convenient time, where we will share your memories and stories of the person who has died.

Working with the Funeral Director I will, if wished, help you select music, poems and readings in order to make the funeral ceremony a real celebration of your loved one's life.

On the day of the funeral I will lead the ceremony, which will include reading the eulogy, Or I can support someone else to do this, if you prefer.

Final Fling

Example of a funeral ceremony

Entry music: Your choice of music or hymn to begin the ceremony

Introduction: Welcome to family and friends attending

Reading/poem: A religious or non-religious reading or poem

Eulogy: The tribute to your loved one - personal, individual, meaningful

The Committal: The most profound part of the ceremony - the time to say goodbye

Conclusion: A message of thanks, and a final reading or poem

Closing music: Your choice or music or hymn as we leave the ceremony